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Just a few weeks into the content writing industry, Valerie Mellema was asked to write fake reviews for magazines.  Shortly after that, she was asked to write fake reviews for books on a prominent online retailer's website.  Over the past few years, these requests continued to come in and it became apparent to Troy and Valerie Mellema, owners of Words You Want, just how many fake reviews of products, attractions and other destinations existed online.  When it comes to content on websites or for reputation enhancement, webmasters are buying fake reviews left and right.


With this in mind, Troy and Valerie had the idea to create a website where travelers could get true reviews from the people that have been there and done that.  The fact of the matter is that the majority of travel articles and reviews on the web are written by people who have never been there or experienced the place they are writing over.  The reviews on True Travel Reviews are just that – our true opinion on the places that we visit. The owners of the establishments we visit have no idea who we are. We're just another customer or guest to them and our experiences are in no way influenced by the owners. online casino no download

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