Travel with TJ is a 10-year-olds take on his experiences and what he feels is important for everyone to know.

Majestic Pines RV Park – Conroe, Texas

The campground was decent. It was pretty nice but there were some things. For example, for four days in a row, the Men’s Bathroom was out of order. By the bathroom was the hot-tub and the hot-tub was pretty dirty, but they made up for it with having one of the cleanest pools ever. Most of the people probably lived there with their kid’s and hung out at the pool a lot. They also had free laundry which was nice. Now they did have a dog park, but it was pretty crappy because basically it was a tiny square of land that had nothing in it.

The Dog Show

The dog show was good, but they could have improved. Overall the building was pretty well built but they could have had a better door situation. What they had going was a piece of duct tape over the handle so it couldn’t shut all the way and lock, which happened anyway. It looked pretty tacky too.

Inside was good and everybody for their own spot for their county, which worked out pretty well but for the people that were the only ones participating in their county, they were by themselves with a towel and some dirty lawn chairs.

When one part of the competition was finished you would have to wait 3 hours at least to let the judges finish their judging. Then you would get your award. So overall it was good.

Moving on to what I did in the dog show. In the dog show, I got top ten every time. Cookie was restless by the end of each part. Most of the dogs were just trying to make friends with all of the other dogs so that didn’t help anyone. The costume contest was fun, but some of the people focused so much on their own costume and not the dogs. My favorite costumes were the Tide and washing machine. The dog being the Tide box and the kid a washing machine. Somebody got a wagon and decorated it to make it look like a UPS truck and she put her dog in the wagon and drove the dog around.

There were all types of dogs and it was really cool. There was a dog club with like 8 corgis and they were really cute when they were all together, I really enjoyed it.

Winstar FunTown RV Park & Gran Via Buffet – Thackerville, OK

Winstar has a good campground and buffet. Winstar’s campground was nice. They had a nice pathed trail for the dogs and clean bathrooms. For the most part, it was an overnight type of place unless you were there to gamble at the Winstar Casino. The casino was like any other casino – a buffet, pool, and slot machines. After the one-day trip at Winstar, we went to…

The World’s Largest Ball Of Twine

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine, the name says it. The worlds largest ball of twine was made by a man with the name of Frank Stoeber. Frank Stoeber started the worlds biggest ball of twine back in 1953. It ended up weighing 5,000 pounds and finished it in 1961. He started this ball of twine by finding a little ball of twine he was going to throw away but instead he started adding and adding to it until it became the world’s biggest ball of twine. There was a guy in Minnesota that tried to beat him and did successfully, but then people in the town of Cawker City added to it, which is the city where the ball is held. The story behind this ball is very simple but sweet.

Elder Glen State Park – Elder Glen, Kansas

This campground was an overnight stay. It was a pretty decent stay, but they could clean up some places such as the bathroom and just the area in general. They do have a lake by it, but nothing like a dock or anything just a nice place to sit by IF it wasn’t so dirty. There were layers of trash by the side of the lake. The bathrooms had no lights and it depended on the sun going through the windows, so at night time it was pitch black, along with the bugs.

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