We discovered this little stand and their delicious coffee and food last summer. Located in Rico, Colorado, about 30 minutes from Dolores and about about 30 minutes south of Telluride.

With friends visiting us at the cabin in Dolores, Colorado this year, we had to take them to Rico. It’s a small town that receives a lot of tourist traffic passing through on the San Juan Skyway, but the Tamosan & Co. tacos and coffee stand is worth the trip just for lunch, the beautiful scenery and the cool temperatures.

This neat little stand offers organic espresso, which you can order in a number of different drink combinations, as well as fresh juices. They offer a very specific menu each day. Our favorites have been the steak or chicken tacos and the Sonoran Dog. We’ve had both. They will also  make a quesadilla with either meat, which is a great option for kids who might not like some of their ingredients, like the jalapeno crema (which is delicious).

It’s really hard to review from both of our perspectives only because we both love it so much. After visiting last summer, it’s quickly became one of our favorite places – not to mention the weather in Rico is always cool and perfect for have a latte on their patio!

Tamosan & Co