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Tag: Amarillo

Jump-N-Jive – Amarillo, Texas

Jump-N-Jive is one of the best places in town if you need to wear out a couple of little kids.  This old Dunlaps building in the Summit Shopping Center is now filled with giant inflatables, picnic tables, toys and games for the...

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The Dinos Scared the Baby

One of our most favorite places to go in town is the Discovery Center. It’s the best place to take little kids. TJ’s been so many times he knows it like the back of his hand. He runs around and plays so hard in this...

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Fazoli’s – Amarillo, Texas

If you’re in the mood for Italian food, but you don’t have time for a long drawn out meal at Johnny Carino’s or the Olive Garden, then Fazoli’s is fast Italian that’s pretty good. Fazoli’s offers a variety of classic Italian...

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