Who would have thought you could find amazing sushi all the way up in the mountains of Colorado? Stonefish Sushi in Cortez was a pleasant surprise and we will definitely be back!

Ordering sushi is one of those things where you can never just decide on a few rolls, so sometime it’s best to just gamble and that’s what we did. We chose the Rock and Roll platter which is three rolls of the chef’s choice. Our platter included the Vegas, Santa Fe and one other that I couldn’t understand or spell the name of. All I know is that two of them had quite the kick with jalapeno in them and the other was a nice reprieve from the heat. They were delicious and fresh with warm rice and great sauces. We also had the Dirty Vegas roll. We also had an appetizer of calamari, which was also great. Our son had the kid’s noodle bowl and it was fantastic as well. It made you wish you’d ordered off the kid’s menu too.

The atmosphere was very nice, but also laid back like most of Colorado is. The one downside would be that it was pretty loud in there, but it quieted down once some of the larger groups left. The prices were pretty par for the course as far as sushi goes, which was a pretty good deal considering that eating out in Colorado (and buying groceries in Colorado) is rather expensive compared to home. The location is great as well. Right on Main Street, so it’s just a short drive into town from the popular nearby sites like Mesa Verde.

Stonefish Sushi