Mount Rushmore

July 21-23, 2019

Mount Rushmore & the Wolf Camp Campground

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Location: Keystone, South Dakota
Miles Travelled: 1,112
Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota was our fourth stop on our 2019 Wild Card Road Trip. We stayed at the Wolf Camp, which is situated between Mount Rushmore and the Custer State Park. 

Unfortunately, I recently learned that the Wolf Camp has been closed. This was one of our favorite campgrounds as it had plenty of space for TJ and the dogs to play as well as two live wolves that lived behind the gift shop. While we were on our trip, we later heard that the owner’s daughter was killed in a car accident and her two wolves, who were bonded to her, died early in 2020. 


  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Activities 80% 80%
One of the wolves at the Wolf Camp stretches on top of his house. You could hear them howling each morning.

Photo Gallery

Photos from Wolf Camp and Mount Rushmore

Day 1

The first day we got set up at our campsite. We had a blow out on our way in and got set up just before dark. I don’t think we ate out the entire time we were there, we cooked on the grill and out of the camper.

Day 2

The second day we went to Mount Rushmore. The parking was pretty crazy. The memorial was under construction and so you could only get so close. The walkway with the flags was closed as well. There is a trail that goes down to a little museum and keeps going around to the monument, but it’s basically just different views of it as you go. We brought a picnic lunch and ate along the trail. There were lots and lots of people. The museum was neat though.

Day 3

We spent quite a bit of time at the campground and went for a drive to Custer State Park. We also got to see the wolves, which was really neat. 

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