Instead of our typical Cirque du Soleil shows this trip, we wanted to see a comedian and seeing as though we are both Drew Carey and “Who’s Line is It Anyway?” fans, we thought that this would be the perfect show. We were by no means disappointed by Drew Carey and his line up at this show.

The show is very similar to “Who’s Line is It Anyway?” but considering it’s a late show and didn’t get started until Midnight, it’s definitely for the adult crowd. Saying that, this didn’t stop a family from bring their 12 and 14 year old. However, those two actually had a great time themselves as they got to help out on stage in a couple of different skits.

This show is held in the Hollywood Theater, the same theater that David Copperfield does his shows in. The show started off with a little bit of stand-up with Drew Carey himself. He really lets loose and said that it felt good to be doing a late show in Vegas where he could say and act however he wanted for the adult crowd. He also made some insightful and funny comments on hosting the Price is Right.

The line up of cast members varies from show to show. Our show included:

• Jeff Davis
• Jonathan Mangum
• Kathy Kinney
• Brad Sherwood
• Heather Anne Campbell

They were all excellent at what they do. Jeff Davis did an excellent Christopher Walken impression during the Jeopardy skit that had me rolling. Brad Sherwood also had several instances that were hilarious as well and him and Jeff Davis did an excellent job coming up with songs about Bingo parlors. This show is different from “Who’s Line” as well in that Drew actually participates in the skit himself rather than handing out points and calling out directions like he’s done in the past.

There are a variety of games that they play as well and several included audience participation on stage and in addition to the audience calling out ideas. Some of the games they played include:

• Sound Effects – This skit included Kathy Kinney and Heather Anne Campbell. The audience member for Kathy Kinney was the 14-year-old girl from the audience. This girl was quick on her feet. She had everyone laughing when the “haunted picture of Kathy Kinney’s father said ‘I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.'”
• New Choice – Turned into an awkward sexual proposition between a shark and Drew Carey.
• Question This! (Improv Jeopardy!) – The whole cast was great, but Jeff Davis’ Christopher Walken was dead on.
• First Date – An awkward date between an 18 year old version of an audience member and the 14 year old version of the wife on their first date. Drew played the husband and Kathy Kinney played the wife.
• Forward/Reverse – Jeff Davis and Jonathan Mangum with interjections of Brad Sherwood in “dangerous Australia.”
• Song for a Lady – Jeff Davis and Brad Sherwood used what they could from the information that an unenthusiastic Sheryl provided them.
• Greatest Hits from the Bingo Parlor with Drew Carey, Kathy Kinney, Jeff Davis and Brad Sherwood. This was excellent and hilarious.

Overall I found the show to be excellent and hilarious. If it didn’t start so late at night, we probably would have gone back for the next show the second night, but we had to catch an early plane. If you ever have the opportunity to see this show, do it. You’ll be laughing days later just like us.