We arrived at Cozumel to a torrential rainstorm. We had actually put off buying an excursion because we weren’t sure what the weather was going to be like. I had read that the excursions were rain or shine and I didn’t see myself enjoying paying for snorkeling or beach access only to be rained on the whole time.

We also experienced a cramp in our plans when we went to take our son to Camp Carnival and found nobody there. So, we ended up going ahead and taking our son to Cozumel with us and perhaps going to the Playa Mia beach since it had stopped raining. The only problem was that we had left our son’s swimming trunks in the room since we hadn’t planned on taking him initially. We searched every store in the shopping center at the port and no store had any swimming trunks for little boys – none at all! I couldn’t believe. Word to the wise – don’t try to buy swimming suits for kids in Cozumel. They don’t seem to exist. We couldn’t even find a pair of shorts for him just to make do.

Despite the weather and despite not being able to go to the beach, we ended up just making the best of it and spent our time shopping. We hit nearly every store in the area and purchased a few souvenirs, like a New Orleans Saints Mexican wrestling mask…

We also ate lunch at Pancho’s Backyard Restaurant, which turned out to be very good. I would definitely recommend it and the prices weren’t too bad even though they are located in a prime tourist spot.

The shopping area also has a neat little garden with replica ruins, Ginger Lilies and palm trees. It was a nice little spot to sit for a minute and we even saw a little lizard running around the palm trees.

After lunch and shopping we headed back to the boat, as the New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay playoff game was about to start. Before heading back, we stopped at the funny little picture op set-ups and our son had his picture taken on a fake donkey.

Overall we had a nice time just walking around and shopping. We were disappointed in not being able to go snorkeling, but I also feel we saved ourselves some distress by not buying an excursion that would have been ruined by the rain or at least interrupted by it.

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