For the active among us, flying into a resort to sit on a beach for 5 days can leave us feeling more stir-crazed than refreshed. Here’s a change of pace; rent an RV and hit the road to your favorite destinations. After all, isn’t travel about novelty?

Blueprint for Adventure

We’ll walk through an example of how to have an adventure in an RV that you will never forget. First, you’ll want to rent an RV in Denver, Colorado. B&B RV is the largest privately-owned dealership in the state, they will take great care of you. Next, book a flight to Denver so you can land, Uber to the dealership, and grab your RV. Once you’re settled in and gassed up it’s time to hit the road. Colorado is teeming with amazing history, beautiful wilderness, and cool people.

The Best Beer on Earth

When traveling, most of us want to decompress first thing. Luckily, Colorado is a mecca for craft beer enthusiasts. You can scoot up I-70 and into the beautiful Rocky Mountains or stay in Denver for this phase. You’ll find no shortage of places to stop, hangout, and unwind. If you make it to Idaho Springs, check out West Bound and Down. The Stout is to die for, so is the fried chicken.

Gold and Silver Rush

If you take our advice and check out Idaho Springs, don’t forget to catch some history while in town. Mine tours can be found all around you. You can even drive another 15 minutes West to the Georgetown Loop Railroad if you want. At certain parts of the year, they offer train rides to remote mines, where you get off and journey thousands of feet into a mountain. Just don’t let the Tommyknockers find you.

Deep into the Rockies

If you keep heading West, you’ll run into the town of Glenwood Springs. Glenwood is another great opportunity to relax. You can stop at the hot springs and let the warm water soak up your stress. If you’d prefer to stay active, check out the cave tours in town. Glenwood has an unbelievable cave system that you can explore for hours. Another great stop is Hanging Lake, where you hike up a beautiful wilderness area to a crystal-clear lake with waterfall features all around.

Head South to the San Juans

The next leg of our trip is to the San Juans. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado, which is saying a lot. From Durango, Colorado you can grab a seat on the narrow gauge railroad and wind your way to the tiny village of Silverton. Go check out the Silverton cemetery if you’re into history that will creep you out. Or just grab a beer and enjoy the U.S. version of the Swiss Alps towering overhead. While in the San Juans, you can also check out the towns of Ouray and Telluride.

Bring it Full Circle

To avoid backtracking, we will head Northeast from here to Colorado Springs. There is no shortage of beauty in Colorado Springs. You can check out Norad if you’re a military buff. If military isn’t your thing but journeying into mountains is, take a tour through the Cave of the Winds. Finally, a stop in Colorado Springs isn’t complete without a hike through Garden of the Gods.

Whether you use these ideas or find your own, an RV trip is an experience you will not soon forget. Sometimes it’s not rest that we need, but a fresh perspective. And there is only one way to achieve that; novelty.