My husband had a Hot Stone Heaven massage. This included a full body massage and was supposed to include free hot stones, but he thinks that she forgot to use them as he doesn’t recall them at any point during the massage. The massage aspect was great, but it ended up being somewhat of a disappointment since he didn’t get to experience the hot stone aspect of it. Since we were in port, the special on this massage was $99, about $20 off the usual price.


I opted for the ionithermie treatment. This treatment is designed to breakdown cellulite and detoxifies your system through the use of algae and minerals, as well as tighten and firm your skin. They advertise that you could lose 1-8 inches from a treatment and they do recommend 3 treatments. This treatment was actually quite intense and not exactly a relaxing experience, although it’s not exactly touted to be that either. You get to choose one problem area and they measure it before and after the treatment in about 5 different places. Once the area is cleaned, lotioned and the algae applied, they then apply a clay wrap with electrodes in it that are turned on to create contractions. These really feel like contractions, almost as intense as having a baby – no lie. The only difference is that they are a bit sporadic and every third contraction is stronger, which makes the entire experience even more intense. I actually did lose about an inch to an inch and a half in each of the 5 measurement areas for a total of 5 inches.


At the end of the ionithermie treatment, your nice spa lady suddenly turns into a sales lady though and tries to sell you an $800 package so that you can continue your ionithermie treatment at home. I was expecting this as she had hinted at it a few times during the initial treatment, but the cost of the home treatment was certainly higher than expected. I don’t know many women that would just say “Yes, give me the $800 package” without consulting their significant other first. I know that my husband wouldn’t spend that much money without running it by me first. Her other options were $270 for a 12 day treatment of the ionithermie or $110 for another firming product special that she had. She was still pushing for a sale on those, which I still had a hard time going for without some sort of warning or discussion with my husband that I was going to spend that much money on what is essentially lotion. I think that most people would agree with me on this, especially in this economy where most people aren’t going to just drop that much money after a single $139 (on special price) treatment. I realize that more than one treatment is ideal and that continuing the program at home would also be ideal, but they don’t advertise that the program should be continued at home until you’ve already committed yourself to the first treatment and have put yourself in a position to be sold to.


However, the view from the treatment room was pretty cool. It looked a whole like this:

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