In Grand Turk, we opted for the Ultimate Snorkeling excursion because Grand Turk is supposed to be the best place to snorkel and dive. The tour was operated by Ocean Divers and we found them to be good as tour operators. They took us to two snorkel spots, one deep and on “The Wall” and one shallow.


As far as colorful fish and coral go, we thought that the shallow spot was actually better than “The Wall” although they were both good. The tour guides actually dive down and feed the fish to attract them over to you so that you can get a good view of them. In the shallow spot, you were able to see a barracuda and a nurse shark up close as well.


The one downside to the excursion was that there were so many people that it was hard to get away from flippers in your face. When you’re snorkeling, it’s very easy to focus on what’s going on under you and the next thing you know you’re getting bumped or bumping into someone else.



The Behind the Fun Tour is a small excursion that takes you behind the scenes on the ship. The tour was limited to 16 people and cost $55 per guest. The tour is extremely exclusive and only offered once on the cruise while you are in port. Because we had already seen Nassau once, we decided to take this excursion to see the inner workings of the ship. In the past we had been able to take a Galley Tour, but this tour is no longer offered, and we were excited that this one is.


Due to the nature of this excursion, you are not allowed to take any photos or recordings on the tour. You also cannot bring cell phones or any other devices with you. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes and you get to see parts of the ship that even crewmembers have never seen.


The tickets for this tour can only be purchased on the boat at the Shore Excursion desk or at Guest Services. You have to be 8 years or older to take this tour as well.


On the tour you get to see:
• Crew areas (lounge and dining)
• Laundry
• Galley
• Go backstage and see the dancer’s dressing areas and costumes
• Engine room
• Bridge


On this tour you get to meet the Captain, the Head Chef, stage operators and other key people on the cruise. You also get to have your picture taken with the Captain himself on the Bridge. In the Galley, we got to try desserts and when we arrived back at our room we found chocolate covered strawberries and cakes waiting for us.


This tour was by all means worth the $55 per person and we highly recommend it. If you’re interested in knowing what goes on behind the scenes, how the crew lives and works, then this is the tour for you.

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