We came to Nassau on a cruise last year, so we already knew what to expect here. For this day, we actually opted to take the Behind The Fun excursion on the ship itself. I’ll go into more detail on this excursion in another post, but let me say here that if you have this option on your cruise that it’s well worth the money.


In Nassau, it was humid as usual and we did a little shopping. When you get off the boat here, expect the taxi drivers to harass you a bit as you walk into the shopping area. The Festival Shopping Center does actually have some really unique things that you won’t necessarily find in the Straw Market. The Straw Market is really just the same booths over and over and over. It’s really hot in there and the aisles are very, very narrow. Be prepared for every person there to harass and tell you “let’s make a deal.” The only problem is that all of their stuff is the same.


Outside of the Straw Market on the Senor Frog’s side of the building, you’ll find more booth spaces where Bahamians are at work with their actual hand carvings. You can see them actually working on them in person, so you know that they’re not actually made in China and just being resold to you.


Speaking of Senor Frog’s, we decided to stop in here for a Coke since we hadn’t had one on the ship all week. We learned that two Cokes will cost you $7 and it’s the Mexican version of Coke, not the American version. Take that as a lesson learned and passed on to you so you won’t make the same mistake!


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