Grand Turk was the first stop on our trip. My initial thought on this stop is that it was pretty much constructed to be a cruise stop. After further research, I found that the cruise terminal area was constructed specifically for cruisers and because of that, you didn’t really have the opportunity to get a feel for the true culture of the island.


Most of the shops are pretty standard cruise port stops such as Diamonds International, Del Sol, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop and Effy. You will find some deals on shopping here, but don’t expect them to be really great. I found that most of the store prices were about the same from port to port, such $25 for a t-shirt at Del Sol.


You will also find the largest Margaritaville as well as a swimming pool at the recreational center. There are cabanas available for rent through the cruise line.


The main appeal here is obviously the beaches and the snorkeling here is quite good as well. Grand Turk is popular amongst divers because of “The Wall” where the reef suddenly drops thousands of feet. This is a great place to see all sorts of coral and fish life. You will have to take an excursion or tour to get to the good snorkeling areas though. We took the Ultimate Snorkeling excursion, which I will go into detail on later.


Don’t feel as though you are restricted to the main beach area as well. If you walk to your left (after getting off the boat), you’ll find another beach and bar area. Here you’ll find water for $1 and beer for $3.50. You can also rent snorkel gear, scooters, etc. from here. The beach area was called the “Local Village.”


This was also a very short stop for us. We got to port at 7am and had to be back on the ship by 2pm.



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