One of the best things about any cruise is the food, right? Right! We had the late seating (8:15) in the Galaxy Dining Room. The Galaxy Dining Room is located in about the middle of the ship. When you choose a dining time, versus choosing the My Time dining option, you are assigned a table and every night you have dinner with the same people. We were fortunate and had a great group at our table this year. This is actually really important because when you have a good group of people at your table, you can converse, share stories and experiences and really get to know each other and possibly make great friends.

Also, contrary to the reputation that cruises have developed in the past, it is not necessary to dress up every night for dinner. They do have Elegant Night, when you are encouraged to dress up, but you don’t have to dress to the nines every single night. That being said, you do want to look clean and respectable, so be pack some dinner worthy clothing because you’ll likely get sweaty and dirty while in port.


Dinner each night of this cruise was pretty good. The first night the food options weren’t as great as they typically are and included some basic meals, but the meals themselves were quite good. For our elegant dining night, lobster and shrimp were available and we were certainly all over that. We also found their steak, lamb, shrimp and chicken meals were excellent as well. One thing we all noticed was that they weren’t as frivolous with the bread as they used to be. It was pretty much one roll unless you were able to flag down the waiter for more.


For dessert, I pretty much had the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake every night. It’s by far my favorite Carnival dessert. I love it. We also had Cappuccino Pie (a coffee ice cream pie), Cherries Jubilee (cherries over ice cream), and tiramisu (which was absolutely excellent).


With dessert, you’re also offered coffees. Cappuccinos and hot chocolate were popular at our table. It’s hard to pass up a good, free cappuccino.


The Sun & Sea Restaurant is located on the Lido Deck and serves up the breakfast and lunch buffet. Every day they have a different type of cuisine for lunch. One day might be American, one Cajun, one Carribbean and one Mexican. The lunch buffet is broken up with an inside buffet as well as an outside buffet. The outside buffet also usually has more mainstream food options including hamburgers and hot dogs. They also have a dinner and late night buffet available as well and these selections are always changing.


Seating for the Sun & Sea Restaurant is located indoors on two levels, as well as outside on the Lido Deck.


The New York Deli is inside the Sun & Sea Restaurant area and serves hot sandwiches made to order. You just walk up, choose your sandwich from the menu and the chef makes right there for you. The hot ham and cheese and the turkey sandwich were excellent.


Happy Valley is a small Asian eating option located in the Sun & Sea Restaurant as well. It’s located on the opposite side of the New York Deli. They offer various different Asian options that are made to order. We had their Sweat & Sour Chicken and Spring Rolls, both of which were excellent.


Whenever you’re hungry, you can find some satisfaction at the pizza bar. It’s actually not completely open 24 hours, but close enough. They have four different pizzas to choose from and also make salads. We had the Margherita Pizza and Neopolitan Pizza.


There are also ice cream and frozen yogurt machines available for you to cure your sweet tooth at all hours of the night. Chocolate, vanilla and swirl are available and you can choose a bowl or a cone. We found that we liked the frozen yogurt more than the ice cream, which we playfully dubbed “frozen flavored water” at our dinner table.


Room service is available 24 hours and included in your cruise, so you can feel free to use it whenever you want. We typically ordered breakfast for room service because it takes us awhile to get going in the mornings. The one thing we did learn was that if you order cereal, be sure to order the milk to go with it, or they won’t bring it.

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