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Westin Europa & Regina, Venice

The Westin Europa & Regina Hotel is a picturesque hotel with a prime location.  As a guest, you’ll pay for that prime location and you’ll pay dearly.  Granted, everything in Venice is more expensive, but you never really...

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aloft Downtown Dallas

The aLoft Downtown Dallas is a unique hotel situated just across the street from the Dallas Convention Center and its herd of cattle statues. From the outside of the hotel, you would have no idea of the “coolness” that takes place within the walls of this hotel. It’s hip and it’s fresh.

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Sheraton Boston Colonial Hotel

The Sheraton Boston Colonial Hotel is located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. It’s a good 20 minute drive from Boston depending on the traffic.  Driving in Boston is a unique experience in and of itself, so I can’t say we didn’t...

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