We left for our Utah, Idaho and Wyoming trip a day early and the hotel in Salt Lake City didn’t have any rooms available for our extra night, so we decided to camp the first night in the “new” pop-up camper in Provo.

The Utah Lake State Park Campground is located on Utah Lake. The campground is $30 per night, which included the $10 entrance fee, and offers water and electric hook-ups. There are two loops and you can make reservations or just show up. It was a little confusing when we arrived. It was about 5pm or so and there were no rangers at the gate, so we went to the campground to find a site. Once we found our site, then we went back to the registration board at the front of the campground to get our envelope and deposit our fee. But, there were no envelopes there and we ended up having to go to the front gate for one.

We stayed in B-26. It was a back-in site. Each site is paved with picnic table, fire ring, grill and a cover over the picnic table. The sites are somewhat on the edge of the lake, but you can’t really see it due to the tall grass that surrounds it. There are bathrooms on each loop and the bathroom on loop A and at the entrance of the campground has two free showers.

The showers were on a timer, but they were free. You just pushed the button again to restart the water. The shower is basically a big room. It would have been nice if there was an additional hook or shelf on the dry side of the shower so you would have a place to keep your stuff dry. There was a bench, but it was on the shower side and really only convenient for putting your shower stuff that could get wet on it. There is no shower curtain, it’s just sort of a big shower room. I guess you could bring your own because there was a bar, but that would be a pain. I noticed several men that used the shower just wore their swimming trunks and flip flops and then got dressed in their RV, which is one way to do it. Although I was perplexed as to why someone in a motorhome wouldn’t use the shower in their RV since they had hookups. There’s a dump station at the front of the campground as well. The bathrooms themselves were very clean.

Along the edge of the campground is the Provo walking path/bike trail. It is paved and you can access it at the front of the park. It’s definitely worth checking out. The state park also includes the boat ramps for the lake. There were three huge ramps. You could easily drop 2-3 boats at one time on these ramps. There were also picnic areas, playgrounds and paddleboard rentals.

There were a couple of downsides to this campground. One was the bugs. Living on the lake in East Texas, we’re used to bugs and gnats in particular. The same type of gnats were everywhere at night. I believe some people call them “no see ums”. They are sort of translucent gnats and for whatever reason they LOVE our black truck. They flock to it at home and did the same here. The weather was great though.

The second downside was that there’s a small community airport nearby. The noise wasn’t too bad at first, but it seemed that it got more popular at night when you’re trying to go to sleep. They were all small planes and maybe a helicopter, so it wasn’t like you had major airliners flying over, but still a little noisy.

A third minor downside would be the watering system. In an attempt to keep the campground grass alive, there is an automatic watering system. It was a little close to our campsite, but it really affects other sites to the point that if you stay in particular sites, you’re supposed to ask the camp host to turn it off while you’re there.

The view from the campground was great. You have the mountains all around you, even though you’re just a few blocks from town. There’s not a ton of privacy because it’s a flat and open area, but at least you’re not right on top of each other like some RV parks are.