Telluride is about an hour drive from the cabin and we had never ventured up there before, so we decided to make a day trip and check out their bike path. The Telluride Bike Path is actually paved and starts about 10 minutes (driving) outside of the town. There’s a small parking lot there and I would actually recommend just parking there and riding your bike into town as traffic is crazy and there’s not many parking options in town anyhow. It’s a very busy little town, but also very cute. I would estimate that it takes you about 20 minutes to ride to town on the bike path and once you’re there, it’s easy to get around by bike. The trail follows along the main road into Telluride for the most part with a little tunnel allowing you to cross under the street.

We rode into town and then ate at Baked in Telluride, a little restaurant that offers pizza, sandwiches, and several different baked goods. From the restaurant, if you turn right down the street, you can pick up the trail that follows the river. It is covered in mulch, but is a little more suited as a walking path than a bike path. You do have to watch for pedestrians and be respectful, but after awhile you get away from the busy part and it turns into a dirt trail. At one point you have an option to continue going straight down the dirt, or you can take a gravel road that spits you out at the gas station on the main road. You can cross here and pick up the paved path again.

I believe there are more options for mountain bike trails in the area, like the Galloping Goose, but our eBikes aren’t really designed for single track trails. We tried it once before and it wasn’t pretty.