Head up the mountain on the San Juan Skyway and you’ll find the little town of Rico, Colorado. Right on the edge is a bright yellow little building with a patio on one side and a grill on the other. Inside, you’ll find delicious organic espresso that can be brewed and served anyway you want. The menu varies, but you can’t go wrong with whatever they are cooking up that day – usually tacos (chicken, beef or veggie) or the Sonoran dog. You can also get very delicious quesadillas. Tamason & Co. never fails to impress. It’s simply delicious. This year they also had fresh peach juice and watermelon juice. Price wise, we have to admit that they are a little on the high side, but groceries in general are expensive in Colorado and that’s particularly true the higher the elevation. 

We found this little delicious spent a couple of weeks in Dolores last summer. Rico is a small town with a lot of eclectic people, many of whom are seasonal. You can’t really blame them, because even in the summer it’s about twenty degrees cooler in Rico than it is down in the valley. The restaurant is seasonal as well opening when the warmer weather arrives and closing on October 1st.  

Rico was once so remote during the 1800s that just getting food and supplies to the little town was very difficult. A sign at the trailhead of Bear Creek Trail shows residents of Rico using primitive skis just to get around in 14 feet of snow.