The Bar D Chuckwagon was a fantastic experience and we are so glad that our neighbors at the cabin invited us to go with them.  

The Bar D Chuckwagon is truly an experience starting with the little western town that features gift shops, panning for gold, cowboy hats, wagon rides, a train and a playground. When it’s time for dinner, they ring the bell and everyone heads to the amphitheater to find their table. The amphitheater’s backdrop is the beautiful San Juan Mountains. In case of rain, there’s nothing to worry about. They have an automatic canvas roof that covers the entire seating and eating area to ensure that the show will still go on.  

The Bar D Chuckwagon has perhaps the most efficient method of serving 700 people dinner anyone’s ever seen. The process starts with you getting in line before entering the little western town and placing your order. You can choose from chicken or beef (but you don’t have to actually decide until you get in the food line). They also have steak, which you much select by 6:45pm before the show and order at the front. You receive a ticket and when your table section is called you follow them to the kitchen where the servers fill your metal partitioned plate with your meat of choice, beans, baked potato, applesauce, a roll, and spice cake. As you exit the kitchen area, you select water, lemonade or cowboy coffee. The entire room of 700 people is served and eating within minutes of getting in line.  

Once you are seated and eating dinner, servers will refill drinks as necessary and if leftovers are available, you can go back for seconds. You can also have a cup of cowboy coffee after dinner if you’d like as well. Soon the show will start with the Bar D Wranglers serenading the crowd with a mixture of cowboy ballads and comedy.  

The show ended around 9pm or so and then we had an hour and a half drive back to the cabin. The drive was well worth it though and I definitely see us revisiting the Bar D Chuckwagon in the future.