The Ashton-Tetonia Trail is a rail to trail bike and walking path that runs for 43 miles from the small town of Ashton, Idaho to Tetonia, Idaho passing through several small “towns” along the way.  

There are some pros and cons to this trail. We have eBikes and they aren’t really designed to be ridden as mountain bikes, but they tend to handle pavement, dirt, caliche and some gravel okay. The surface of this trail varies wildly. We started at the parking lot in Marysville, just a few minutes from Ashton. There are limited parking options along this trail and you really have to kind of hunt them out. The trail is managed by the Idaho State Park system, so they do have some vault toilets in places along the way as well as some maps at these stops. It’s just a little tricky finding these parking spots, particularly if you’re like us and like to pick up the trail where you left off.  

Back to the surface. It varies from dirt and rough chunks of rock and gravel to spots of soft asphalt to dirt and thick gravel. There are some amazing cable/wood bridges though and the scenery is fantastic, especially if you are an agriculture nerd like me. The views of wheat and potato fields for as far as you could see like patchwork across the land was amazing, even though your body was tired from the rough terrain. This trail is definitely more suited for mountain bikes with thick tread and suspension. We have suspension just not much tread and it was a rough ride in places. The pictures will speak for themselves as far as the views.  

There is a detour in the middle of the trail due to the state not being able to get an easement from the property owners. We skipped this part and picked up the trail later down. I will say depending on when you visit, be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as there’s hardly any shade at all along the entire trail. There are small patches of trees here and there, but mostly it’s open farmland.