On our visit to Salt Lake City, we took to the Jordan River Parkway. The bike trail is a 40 mile paved trail that follows the Jordan River. The trail actually connects several trails and parks throughout the city, which includes the Legacy Parkway Trail and the Murdock Canal Trail.

The areas that you pass through are very diverse. Parts of it are city parks and others are nature preserve areas. There are a handful of spots where you must cross roads with traffic, but overall the trail is away from traffic and shared only with other trail users.

The trail was fairly easy to follow and well-marked. So often these long trails get hard to follow the route because the city or cities don’t keep the signage consistent. We were able to follow the trail very well. The majority of the trail is paved with cement or asphalt, but other parts are caliche. The trail is mostly joggers and other cyclists, but parts of the trail are open to horseback riders as well and we did meet a couple horses along the way.

Near the end of the trail in Lehi City, it various a lot as far as altitude with some rather steep areas you must climb.