We’ve been traveling to New Orleans yearly for a few years now and one hotel we always stay at is the Sheraton hotel in Metairie, Louisiana. Metairie (pronounced MET-uh-ree) is a suburb of New Orleans and has a lot to offer with a Sam’s Club nearby as well as a mall and several restaurant options. If you like to go to New Orleans but can’t afford or don’t want to stay downtown, Metairie is a great place to stay.

Since we started True Travel Reviews, we hadn’t stayed at this hotel as our trip to New Orleans had been during New Years when we splurged and stayed downtown for convenience. Needless to say, it was nice to be back at the Sheraton in Metairie.

The rooms are on par with what you’d expect from any Sheraton. The beds are nice and comfortable; rooms are always clean and features a desk, flat screen TV and chair. I believe that was also a refrigerator in the room.


The bathroom was a little on the small side, which is common in the Sheraton hotels and it makes it a bit cramped when you’ve got a toddler that takes a bath and three people trying to get ready at the same time generally speaking, but I do like that they are not split bathrooms. They also always have a hair dryer, which is a huge plus in my book. If I don’t have to pack my hair dryer, I’m a happy girl.

Another feature of the Sheraton that we like is their Club Lounge. SPG Gold Members used to get access to the club lounge, but it’s now limited to Platinum members and paid guests. However, my husband has a way of ensuring we always have Club Lounge access. They offer free snacks and appetizers in the evenings as well as breakfast foods in the mornings. You can also get water and sodas. It’s nice in the mornings because they have milk and we have a toddler who needs his morning milk. The room had been relocated during this stay as they were renovating the regular space, but we still enjoyed it.

Like all other Sheraton’s, you do have to pay for Internet. However, there is a computer with Internet available to you for printing boarding passes, etc.

The lobby areas of the hotel are also very nice and they do feature a bar area and small patio. They also have a restaurant.


The hotel itself is located in an area that is a bit awkward to get too, but it’s fine once you know your way. The parking in their garage is free as well.

Other amenities include a roof top lap pool (we’ve never used it) as well as gym. They also have several meeting rooms. The hotel is decorated in a modern and upscale feel with art, marble and other artistic accents.

We’ve always been very happy with our stays at the Sheraton Metairie hotel. If you’re a SPG member, it is a great point value as well with weeknights at 3,000 points and weekends at 4,000 points.