When we first moved to the Lake Fork area, I noticed the building that the H&H Brand Steakhouse is located in was empty and then it seemed that something was about to open there. When it was finally opened, we made a point to stop there one day to see what it was all about.

You have two options at H&H. One is to take advantage of the lunch buffet and what it has to offer and the other is to order off of the menu. We both opted for the buffet, although I think if we were to go back, I would order off of the menu.

The buffet is somewhat small with most of it being a salad bar. They have a few hot meat options including catfish, barbeque ham, country potatoes and corn on the cob. There may have also been fried chicken and another couple of meat options, but aside from a couple other vegetables and their cobblers, that was about it. I also felt that the for the amount of steam that was coming off the buffet, the food could have been hotter.


The atmosphere and décor is nice being brand new western-style décor. The service was good and attentive.

I believe that the value for the money was good. I don’t recall it being overly expensive for what they offered. We would probably try them again just to see what they have to offer as far as their menu items go.