When we arrived in Memphis we asked the front desk what restaurant they would recommend if you had one place and one night to eat in Memphis. Their answer was “Corky’s BBQ.”
Upon arrival, Corky’s is obviously a very popular place. Not only do they have a lot of dine in business, but they have a drive thru as well. You have a variety of options to choose from, but what they’re really known for are their ribs. You can get them wet or dry and I’d recommend trying both, which is exactly what we did.

The dry rub was classic Memphis style barbeque and an excellent choice. The wet with Corky’s famous BBQ sauce was great as well. It was really difficult to choose a favorite, but I was leaning more towards the dry. For sides, you must absolutely get the potato salad. It’s unlike any potato salad you’ve ever had in your life. It’s like a baked potato in a bowl and it’s delicious. We also had the baked beans, which I remember were good, but not nearly as noteworthy as the potato salad.
They had several options for dessert, but the waiter suggested the banana pudding and that’s what we went with. Again, unlike any other you’ve ever had and it was delicious. You get a huge serving in a bowl, so it’s also shareable.
We only had two complaints with Corky’s. The service was great, but our table was wobbly and I was constantly worried that my drink was going to fall over. The other was that it is very loud in there. It’s almost too loud to have a conversation. However, it was definitely worth the stop and the experience of good Memphis-style BBQ. We really enjoyed our meal and would definitely recommend it, just be prepared for the noise. On a good note, though, you will get your food very quickly.