We’ve eaten at the Red Lobster in Tyler, Texas twice now. Both times we were quite happy with the food, however, the service has never been what I would call “great.”

Both times we’ve eaten here, we’ve ordered the Endless Shrimp. It’s a pretty affordable option considering all of the food that you get. You have several options to choose from and it includes their famous garlic and cheddar rolls as well as a salad and your choice of potato side. It can make your dining experience longer depending on the types of shrimp you order afterwards, but it’s nice that you get to try several different options. The food we’ve ordered though has always been good and typical of what we would expect from a Red Lobster.

Both times we had different servers, but overall the service has always been a bit slow. You seem to wait a little too long for refills on your drinks for instance. To give credit to our first server though, he did have another table sat after us that was audibly difficult and even openly admitted it to him, as well as told him that if she ordered an alcoholic drink and didn’t like it, she wasn’t going to pay for it. Having been a server myself in college, I could relate to what he was about to go through.

On our second visit, the server also mixed up and forgot one of our shrimp orders. She was also slow on drink refills. I don’t recall how busy they were on both visits, but I don’t think they were that busy. The service has never been bad enough that we wouldn’t come back, but I think it’s safe to say we know what to expect when we do.

Looking at previous reviews of this restaurant, it seems that the restaurant as a whole tends to be a bit “hit and miss” and I would say that both of our experiences are consistent with that.

On another note, this location is easy to pass on the Loop if you’re not looking for it. Both times we’ve visited, something was wrong with their signs or letters have been burnt out, making it even easier to drive by them.