On our way to Nashville, we found ourselves in Jackson, Tennessee and ready for dinner. Unfortunately I think we should have took the first exit in Jackson because the exit that we did take had very limited options. The first restaurant that we attempted was Dumplins of Jackson, which sounded really good and local. The only problem was that they closed at 6 and it was 7. We were an hour too late. I always wonder how any restaurant can make it if they don’t stay open late enough for dinner.

So, we looked up dining options nearby on the GPS and our next two selections either didn’t exist or they were closed down. Things were not looking good for us as far as finding something good and local to eat. In desperation we pulled into Popeye’s Chicken.


My previous experiences with Popeye’s has been that the food is always good even if the restaurant is not the cleanest it could be, or at least that is how it’s always been at the Popeye’s in Amarillo. This particular Popeye’s was clean enough and the people were friendly, but we had a couple of order issues. The first was that our large order of mashed potatoes and gravy was half full, so my husband went back and had them fill it up like it’s supposed to be. It was, afterall, a large mashed potatoes for all three of us to share. Then when he sat down to eat his spicy fried chicken, he discovered that it was not spicy at all, so he had to go and replace his chicken as well.

On the other hand, my order of chicken tenders and red beans and rice were just fine, although the chicken probably could have been a little hotter.

The moral of the story is that you should take the first exit in Jackson if you’re heading East. There are more dining options off of that exit and if you’re in the mood for fast food, take the second exit because there’s more fast food on that street than you could ask for. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to back track that much since we were trying to get to Nashville at a decent hour.