We found Fat Katz on the Kentucky Horse Park’s restaurant listings and decided to eat there, not knowing that the horse park actually had a restaurant onsite. From the reviews on TripAdvisor, it appeared that it was a good choice with the many awards it has won for it’s pizza.

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We ordered the cheese stuffed breadsticks and a medium pizza with our own topping choices. While the food was excellent and were very impressed with it, especially their handmade cheese bread, they were on the slow side. We were probably there for an hour easy if not a little longer, which put us in a bit of a jam as far as getting to the horse park when I wanted to. We had also ordered a cinnamon roll, but had to cancel the order because it was taking so long for them to prepare it and we simply didn’t have that much time. The prices were reasonable for the size of the portions as well.

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The food and service here were great though. The restaurant itself does have the feel of a sports bar, but it is family friendly. If you do choose to come here, be sure you have plenty of time, as everything is handmade when you order it, which adds to the ticket times significantly. I would also suggest having your entire order from appetizers to dessert ready to go so that you don’t waste too much time waiting between courses.