On the recommendation of the people at the Texas Museum of Automotive History, we headed to pizzaLounge for a late lunch. They had raved about how good their “pies” were and we were definitely intrigued.


pizzaLounge is a unique pizza restaurant and bar. It has an eclectic and laid-back atmosphere with mismatched tables, sofas, and chairs. Truthfully, it looks like they bought all of the furniture from garage sales. While most in our group thought it was fun, others didn’t care for it. The walls ranged from rough brick to various purples and reds. Flat screen TVs hang over the bar for watching sporting events. We watched the US lose to Japan in the Women’s World Cup for instance.

The pizza offerings were of a gourmet style, but they also offer your standard cheese and pepperoni pizzas for sale by the slice. The slices are very large – think two of your typical pizza slices put together. They also offer a wide range of vegetarian pizza options such as vegan cheeses, soyrizo and tofurky beerbrats. Vegan parmesan cheese is also available. This was a big hit with two in our group being vegetarian.

The pizzas that we went with were:

The Sofa King: Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Italian Meatballs, Green Peppers, Sauteed Mushrooms and we left off the Banana Peppers

Nickel Bag – Spinach, Broccoli, Mozzarella, Provolone, Rapine, Basil and White Sauce

Holly wood – Artichokes, Chicken, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Pine Nuts

Margherita – Mozzarella, Grape Tomatoes, Basil, Swiss, White Sauce and added Tofurky BeerBrats

The pizzas were excellent all around. While not all of us were impressed with the atmosphere, the food made up for it. The pizza sizes are also rather large with a regular being about the size of a typical medium pizza and a large being just a bit larger than a typical large pizza.

The bartender was our server. She was new and had only been working there a few days, so she didn’t have a whole lot of knowledge of the menu, but overall we were pleased with the service.

pizzaLounge is open from 11am to 3am (most nights) and offers pizza delivery until 4am! You can find them online at PizzaLoungeDallas.com as well.