I wish that this review of the Louisiana Boardwalk could be more thorough, but apparently there’s not a lot happening on Tuesday nights on the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk also wasn’t quite what we were expecting. From reading a description online, it sounded as though you could sit on the boardwalk and have dinner while you watched the water, but that wasn’t quite the case. There were great views of the river, but it just wasn’t what we were expecting from what we had read online.

Red River

First of all, it was so incredibly hot you were crazy if you wanted to eat outside. Secondly, the restaurants that were available on the water including Saltgrass Steakhouse, Hooters and Joe’s Crab Shack. Neither of these appealed to us at all since we were originally hoping for a more authentic Louisiana experience. Third, the Boardwalk area is really just like a giant outdoor shopping mall with the Gap, Banana Republic, Nike, etc.

However, if you are looking for a unique outdoor shopping experience, I could see the appeal to the area. There’s also a movie theater, several chocolate shops and an Orange Leaf frozen yogurt store. We were hoping for a more cultural experience though and this is definitely not that.


The Carousel was a hit with the little kids. It’s unique with the different animals it has for them ride on, which includes a crawfish, rabbit, turtle and of course, horses. They are all very well painted and elaborate. Rides are just $2.


Another unique area on the Boardwalk that we didn’t discover until late, was the Alligator Park exhibit behind the Bass Pro Shop. The Bass Pro Shop itself is also a sight to see if not to just look at all of the animals on display. I think it even had a Sonic in it and possibly a restaurant. With the Alligator Park exhibit though, we did get to see some real life alligators hanging out in their habitat, which was a good experience for our friend visiting from Spain and since we didn’t see any on Caddo Lake earlier in the day.