A week from today we embark on our Alaskan adventure/road trip.  With a two year old in tow, we will fly from Dallas to Fairbanks (switch planes and airlines in Denver) where we will begin our road trip.

Days 1-3

The first three days of our trip we will spend in Fairbanks.  In Fairbanks, we plan to visit the El Dorado Gold Mine and take short day trips to North Pole, Alaska and the Chena Hot Springs Ice Museum. In Fairbanks, we will be staying at the Spring Hill Suites.

Days 4-5

From Fairbanks, we’re traveling down to Denali National Park.  This park is huge and and although I would love to spend 12 hours on a bus exploring it all, I have a feeling that my husband and son would not. I think we’re going to keep it simple and visit the Wilderness Access Center, watch the dog sled demonstration and ride the bus as long as our son will let us and hopefully see some wildlife.  At Denali, we will be staying at the Denali Dome Home Bed & Breakfast.

Days 6-7

From Denali, we’re heading to Anchorage.  We don’t really have anything planned for Anchorage other than hopefully having a chance to meet up with @AKOnTheGo.  Erin offered a lot of helpful advice via Twitter when we first started planning our trip to the 49th state.  We will be staying at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa on our SPG points.

Days 8-9

From Anchorage we will be driving to Cooper Landing and staying at the Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge.    My husband has a salmon fishing trip planned for Saturday morning and has to be at the meeting place (an hour away) at an incredibly early time of the morning (at time we don’t typically see).  Hopefully it will be worth it because we really want to send some fresh salmon back home.

Day 10

From Cooper Landing we drive back to Anchorage to fly home to Dallas.

Photo from iStockPhoto.com – Hopefully I’ll have many of my own to share.