P1010601It’s the talk of the town.  A place where you go in, grab a giant paper cup and fill it up with frozen yogurt and toppings.  They then weigh it to tell you how much you owe.  At 39 cents per ounce, it doesn’t take much to rack up a bill here, but at least the result is quite delicious.

P1010602There’s a wide variety of options as far as the frozen yogurt goes and they have little cups for you to use as tasters.  Flavors include key lime pie, strawberry, white chocolate mousse, chocolate, dulche de leche, blueberry tart, and vanilla.  Toppings included everything from fresh fruit to cookie crunch cereal, fruity pebbles and even gummy worms.  Once you’ve loaded up your cup, the cashier weighs it and tells you what you owe.

P1010604The frozen yogurt was delicious, the atmosphere was fun and eclectic and the place was packed.  Everybody was there to get their fix.  I became intrigued one night by the place when I saw the line wrapped around the building to get in.  Our neighbor also told us about it and how you serve yourself and then the cashier just weighs and tells you what to pay.  He was a little surprised to spend $20 on frozen yogurt for him and the grandkids.

There’s not many frozen yogurt options in town anymore, but it appears that the idea is coming back around.  There’s another frozen yogurt joint at 34th and Bell that we’ve yet to try.  I find it interesting that the trend is coming back around and how people are acting like it’s the latest and greatest thing, but it’s also like they forgot that TCBY was also once a great place to go as well and it went under.

Overall, it was good, it was fun and it’s a great place for a summer treat.  I see them doing very well in Amarillo when the temperatures start to get up there.  The only thing I see is that their location doesn’t offer much parking and that they’ll need more indoor seating as well.  I think they’ll find they’re a little too small for the amount of business they’re going to be getting.


Oh, and it’s kid tested and approved!