Restaurant Homenatge was perhaps the Barcelona restaurant I enjoyed the most. It was a short walk from the apartment to Placa Camp where the restaurant is located.     We were eating pretty early based on your typical Barcelona dinner time, but we were also worn out from walking the city all day and not exactly dressed for a fancy restaurant, so we ate here thinking that we could eat dinner before the rush hit. Our plan worked out pretty well.

There were many things that I liked about this restaurant. It had a very contemporary and modern feel about it. The atmosphere was laid back, but classy with long sheer draperies separating the tables from the waiting area and covering the windows. Our server was actually the chef and the bartender assisted him by changing out place settings as needed, taking or adding a fork or spoon as necessary.

The menu was pretty extensive and also in Catalan,as the restaurant specializes in Catalan cuisine with a contemporary flair. You had several options for appetizers, first courses and second courses.  My husband and I both went with a traditional Christmas soup that restaurant had put it’s own twist on. I had lamb and my husband had cannelloni.

My niece ordered fish and if you order fish here you are in for a treat. The fish is traditionally cooked whole and served whole as well. However, this restaurant did something that I had not seen in any other restaurant and that was debone your fish for you. The chef has a small prep table. In the dining room where he puts the final touches on the meals. He deboned her fish for her.  The man was very skilled at deboning fish I must say. I am not a good fish deboner and it was not a skill that I mastered while in Spain  We also saw him prepare the steak tartar for another table, but raw meat isn’t nearly as appetizing.

Overall the meal and the experience was excellent. For a nice restaurant they were even moderately baby-friendly, as they had a highchair and didn’t mind the crankiness of our son. It was late and passed his bedtime, but they were pretty generous with the rolls, which he enjoyed.

Find Homenatge online at where you can learn about the owner’s history (whom we met while leaving) and see photos of this beautiful restaurant.