They say that everything is more expensive in Venice because it has to be imported and, of course, the massive amounts of tourism. However, nobody ever said that you would pay 150 euro a piece for a “Menu of the Day.” But, in order to provide an accurate review of whether or not this restaurant is worth the cost, we paid it. Yes, we spent nearly $400 US on lunch.

I’ll let you think about that for a minute.

So, what did we have? How was the food? Is the seaside seating on the Grand Canal worth it?

Actually, when we first came to the restaurant we looked at the menu that they had sitting outside. The menu of the day was not even posted. When we were seated, we were given the menu of the day and there we had sticker shock over the price, but again, we felt we had to experience it to provide an accurate review.

Seeing as it was the menu of the day, it was a four-course meal. We each had an appetizer, soup, pasta, and main course. Truthfully, I can’t even remember all of the names. The shrimp and calamari were good, but the pasta with anchovy sauce was not so good. It came with wine, but we had water.


The menu was in Italian and English (the experts say that if the menu is in English as well, you’re in a tourist trap), but I still can’t remember the names of what we ate. What I can tell do is show you pictures. The food is supposed to be reinvented Venetian cuisine. The plate presentation was also excellent.

The seating was excellent. In fact, I got most of my best photos sitting right there on the Grand Canal in between courses. Like this one:

grand canal

Overall, I would not pay that price again for a menu of the day. What I would do instead is get my table on the canal and pay the upcharge to order from the bar. By doing that, you can order individual appetizers and have them for dinner. This would be a much more affordable option, albeit somewhat expensive, but not as expensive as the menu. And, I would only do this for the experience of eating on the canal itself. The rest of the time in Venice, eat from the sandwich and pizza stands. You’ll be surprisingly happy with the finger foods and you’ll save a fortune.