When we decided to visit Las Vegas with our 2 year old, we knew we had to find the most kid friendly casino that we could. We didn’t really plan on doing much gambling, but visiting everything else that Vegas has to offer, which is a lot,
even if you have your kids with you.

We searched online high and low, but somehow we always ended up back on Circus Circus. Circus Circus is one of the oldest casinos on The Strip and the last time that we stayed there (about 6 years ago), we weren’t too impressed by the rooms. But, then again, we were staying in the cheapest rooms they had – the ones where you have to take a tram to get to the main casino. So, needless to say, I was a little worried about staying here again. The last experience there wasn’t that great, but the website said that they had been doing quite a bit of renovating, so we took the chance.

I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised. We did get a room that had been recently renovated and it was actually quite nice with a pretty decent view of The Strip. It was large and roomy and the bathroom was huge. The beds were comfortable and the linens were definitely upgraded from the last time we had stayed there. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the room.

The one thing that makes Circus Circus kid-friendly is the fact that when you arrive, you’re not instantly standing in the middle of the casino. The casino actually has a walkway around it, so that families can walk through it without having to go straight through the casino floor. This is not something that you find at many casinos. You are actually able to go into the lobby from valet parking, get checked in, turn around to find the elevators and then you’re heading up to your room without ever seeing a table or a slot machine. If you have a two year old that is obsessed with buttons, then this is a ideal. The minute our son saw a slot machine in Vegas, his eyes lit up and if he hadn’t been strapped into the stroller, he would have been all over that slot machine.

Of course there are many more kid-friendly aspects to Circus Circus including the Midway (where you’ll find carnival games and arcade games), the circus acts and the Adventuredome. The Midway is great for toddlers and young children. The Adventuredome is great for older kids, say around 10 and up. They don’t really have much to offer for little kids in the Adventuredome.

If you’re going to Vegas and bringing the kids along, don’t count Circus Circus out just because it’s older. There’s still a lot it has to offer for kids and they are working to update the casino and rooms to today’s Vegas standards.