When we visit Las Vegas, we typically stay at the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget is the nicest hotel in Downtown Vegas and definitely has the coolest swimming pool. Because we had our son with us on this trip we didn’t stay here, we opted for the more kid-friendly Circus Circus, but we did make a point to go by the Golden Nugget to show him “The Tank.”

The Tank is the giant aquarium located in the middle of the Golden Nugget swimming pool. Running through the aquarium is a tube slide. When you go down the slide, you actually go through the tank. I did it a few summers ago and it was really cool, but it is hard to open your eyes and see the sharks and fish with all of the water spraying around you.

The pool is heated, but the times we’ve been swimming in it we found it to be pretty chilly – even in the summer. However, the cool thing about this tank is that inside it are huge sharks and fish. How do they coexist you ask? Rumor has it that if you keep sharks well-fed, they won’t eat their tank mates. You can literally swim right up to the tank and put your face to the glass. Of course, with this trip being in the middle of December, we didn’t go swimming, but we did go to the pool at night to see it all lit up. The pool itself, with its waterfalls, and ambient lighting is really neat itself, but the lit up shark tank really makes this fish tank look amazing at night. As soon as our son saw it he said, “Oh, wow! That’s cool!”

Whether you stay at the Golden Nugget or you’re just visiting Downtown Vegas for the downtown/Fremont Street Experience part of your Vegas trip, you must check out The Tank. It’s free and it’s amazing. The seating area around the pool is very nice as well with dozens of lounge chairs, sofas with fire rings and a hot tub.