Next door to the MGM Grand and the Coca-Cola Store, you’ll find the M&M Factory. This is four stories of M&M merchandise with the third level featuring a digital 3D movie called I Lost My M in Vegas starring Red and Yellow.

We’ve seen the 3D movie several times in the past, but this year they upgraded to digital 3D and it’s made all the difference. In the past, the movie was blurry and the 3D glasses didn’t quite make it 3D. You could still see the outlines. But, the new movie is fantastic. It’s clear and the 3D effect is excellent. My only complaint is that the employee that plays the Professor never seems to speak English very well.

My favorite level of the store is the second floor where you can mix and match your own M&Ms. They have every color and type from peanut butter to pretzel to classic chocolate and peanut M&Ms. It is pricey at $12.99 per pound, but definitely worth it. There’s a ton of merchandise and toys throughout the store as well.
M&M Factory
If you’ve been to the store in the past, you’ll notice several changes this time around. The level that houses the movie has been remodeled. There is no longer the little museum and tunnel that you went through to get to the movie. Now, you simply stand in line at what looks like a small movie marquis sign. This level now houses the machine that allows you to make customized M&Ms.
If you’re bringing the kids to Vegas this is a definite must see and do. Even if you don’t have kids with you, it’s worth a stop for shopping and to see the film.