Hoagie’s Deli is sort of an Amarillo tradition. It was located near Georgia and I-40 for years, but relocated to the new shopping center where Western Plaza once stood right off I-40 and Western.

The move was a good idea simply for the fact that the overall dining atmosphere improved drastically.  Hoagie’s has always been a little on the high side for a sandwich, a bag of chips and maybe a cup of soup.  At the old location, you sort of felt like you were paying quite a bit for food that you were eating in a not very inviting atmosphere. Although, during the busy lunch hour, the place would always be packed.  The new location is much more modern and contemporary.

With the move, they mixed up the menu a bit as well.  They still have their signature sandwiches, such as the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, but they also added paninis, wraps and more.  They also still offer their famous soups.  We like the new location as well because they’re a lot closer to us than they used to be.

Our favorite soup is the Baked Potato Soup and I always get the combo deal that comes with a cup of soup, half a sandwich, a bag of chips, a pickle and a drink.  My husband usually gets the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, a cup of the Baked Potato Soup, chips, pickle and drink as well.  You are going to pay more of an upscale sandwich shop price, but somehow eating in their new restaurant makes it seem more worth it than it used to at their Georgia location.

If you’re driving through Amarillo during lunchtime, you can jump off the highway quickly at Western and Hoagie’s is in the corner store next to Michael’s. You can’t miss it.