We’ve been coming to Vegas at least once a year for about 6 or 7 years now and one place that we always eat is the Bay City Diner at the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino on Fremont Street.  This trip we were a little surprised to find that the ownership of the restaurant has changed and the Bay City Diner is now Du-Par’s Restaurant and Bakery.

Located at 1 Fremont Street, just across from The Plaza Hotel & Casino, the Golden Gate was the one place we could always depend on for a hot and good meal no matter what time of the day or night.  The food was always good and the prices were always good old-fashioned Las Vegas prices. You know, you could get a steak, eggs, hash browns and toast for like $8.  However, as of March 2010, the ownership of the restaurant changed and with it came changes to the menu and particularly the prices.

While the food was as good as always and there were some familiar faces amongst the staff, we were a little shocked to see the waitresses in 50s style diner uniforms and we had a hard time making our way around the menu.  Then I realized that the menu was certainly different and what was this “Du-Par’s” that I was seeing on everything?  We asked the waitress if they had changed ownership and she confirmed it.

Most of the menu items were the same, just in a different format and different place on the menu.  However, the steak and eggs that used to be $8 is now $16.  The prices have gone up considerably.  The food was good though. My husband had the steak and eggs and I had the open face turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes.  While the steak could have been better, my husband loved everything else about his meal, especially the homemade strawberry jam.

My open face could have been hotter, but for some reason, whenever I order an open face anywhere I eat, it could always be a little hotter. I don’t know why restaurants think that lukewarm meat is okay on an open-face. I’m sorry, but the gravy doesn’t warm it up that much.  I also believe that the mashed potatoes were probably instant, but they were still good.

I’m sure that we would eat at the Golden Gate in the future, but we probably won’t make a special trip down there like we have in the past.  It’s always been a sort of Vegas tradition for us and now that it’s changed, it just doesn’t quite seem the same anymore.  Of course, if you need a good 24 hour restaurant to eat at while you’re in Downtown Vegas, the Golden Gate is still a good choice.