I wouldn’t typically write a review about a Shoney’s.  Most people probably don’t expect any spectacular meals from them and you shouldn’t.  But, my husband insisted we eat at the one across from our hotel (Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown) for old time’s sake (he worked at one as a teenager) and so we did.

I went with something safe – a chicken potpie.  My husband ordered a teriyaki skillet – hey, the picture made it look good.  Actually, we were both pretty happy with our meals.  Our son had spaghetti, which you can’t really screw up, but he had his own personal problems with his meal and I’ll spare you all of the details of what happens when an almost 2 year old doesn’t chew pasta before swallowing it.

The chicken potpie was pretty standard and cookie cutter as well.  You could tell that the vegetables and meat were like a “pack” and all they had to do was put a crust on top.  The crust was good though.  The teriyaki was as good as could be expected as well.

The one thing we did find wrong was the tomatoes on the salad bar weren’t any good. My husband bit one, spit it out, and said, “Put that in a review.” So, here it is.  The tomatoes on the salad bar were bad.  I played it safe on my salad and didn’t do much more than lettuce, cheese and creamy Italian dressing.  I don’t trust many things on salad bars including boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes and sometimes cucumbers.

The restaurant itself was old and you could tell it.  It desperately needed new tables and chairs and the bathrooms were old and outdated.  It’s hard to say they were dirty because I don’t think any amount of cleaning could make the bathroom look like it wasn’t less than 30 years old.

The service was good and everybody was quite nice and accommodating.  I think the overall atmosphere of the restaurant just wasn’t anything special.

Considering the incident our son had, we pretty much ate and got out quickly.  They did have a changing table in the bathroom, which was a definite plus.  Bottom line is that if you’re just looking for any old hot meal, this Shoney’s is fine, but avoid the tomatoes on the salad bar.