The Museu de Xocolata is a chocolate museum in Barcelona.  Located in a historical part of the city near the Las Ramblas and Gothic Quarter, the museum is trendy and unique.  However, it’s difficult to think of it as a museum in the traditional sense.  There’s a little bit of history about chocolate in the museum, but mostly you’ll find it’s a large display of a variety of items made out of chocolate.  However, everything that is made out of chocolate here is very elaborate and highly detailed.

When you first enter the museum, you’ll find a coffee bar and a wide variety of chocolate for sale.  In fact, your ticket is a chocolate bar that you can enjoy while you browse the exhibits.  The museum itself is not very large, but definitely unique. It is also located next door to a pastry college, whose workspace is all windows, allowing you to watch students as they make lady fingers or their own chocolate creations.

After you finish perusing all of the exhibits made out of chocolate, you’ll want to buy some for yourself.  The store part of the museum has a wide selection of chocolates, many of which are infused with other flavors such as orange, honey and more.  You’ll also find unique items, such as soccer balls in the Spanish colors in honor of their World Cup win.  The Spanish are particularly fond of dark chocolate, which is much more bitter, than what us Americans tend to like.  We are personally milk chocolate fans and like our chocolate really sweet.  However, they have sweet chocolate options as well in the store.

It is highly recommended you have a coffee at the coffee bar while visiting.  The Spanish have three ways in which they take their coffee. My personal favorite is cafe con leche, which is what they consider “breakfast” coffee due to its high quantity of milk.  Most Spanish have their coffee “cortado” during the day, which has a small amount of milk.  Of course, you can have espresso as well.  While you enjoy your coffee of choice, enjoy the free little plate of chocolate balls (eat them straight or add them to your coffee).

Although the museum is not a museum in the traditional since, it’s a unique place to visit during the afternoon – maybe right after lunch for dessert.  You’ll find the Museu de Xocolata at Antic Convent de Sant Augustí, La Ribera.