There’s not a whole lot to be found on the highway between Amarillo and Albuquerque.  There are a few little towns dotted here and there, but if you leave Amarillo just before lunch, you’ll probably be hungry by the time you hit Tucumcarie.  Tucumcarie has plenty of fast food options (including what my husband claims to be the best McDonalds he’s ever been to), but if you’re looking for a good sit down, hot meal, you can’t go wrong with K-BOB’s.

K-BOB’s is a little chain of restaurants that you’ll find scattered about Texas and New Mexico.  There’s one in Childress, Texas, for instance, but they’re all a little different in their own way.  This particular K-BOB’s had a lunch special, which I haven’t seen at any of the other K-BOB’s.  You’ll find their standard fare including chicken fried steak, chicken strips and steak.  The lunch specials came with a trip to the “Salad Wagon,” which includes a soup and bean bar.  The Salad Wagon is also pretty standard stuff as well.  With the lunch special, you also got a soda or tea for 99 cents and in this day and age of $2 Cokes, that’s hard to beat.  The prices on the lunch special were in the $6.99 and up range depending on what you ordered, but all were quite affordable options.  Of course, you can order off of their regular menu as well, which includes most of the same stuff just a little higher priced.  The kids can choose from a pretty basic menu of macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken strips, etc.

We went with the chicken fried steak, which we usually go with.  My husband has been known to order a steak once in awhile as well, and has never had a complaint. The atmosphere of K-BOB’s is a little old and out dated, but their food is always nice and fresh.  For toddlers that don’t eat a whole lot, I’d suggest getting the Salad Wagon and getting them a little cup of beans or soup.  They also have fresh fruit, pudding and Jell-O- you know, all of the stuff kids love.

The thing about K-BOB’s is that no matter which one you go to, you’re going to have a nice hot meal to keep you truckin’ down the highway.  If you’re traveling between Amarillo and Dallas or Amarillo and Albuquerque, K-BOB’s is a good place to stop for good home cookin’ in between either of those destinations.