For nearly an entire day we wondered the back streets of Venice.  We probably crossed a good percentage of the 900 bridges that are in the city and when it was all said and done, we had really just walked in a giant circle.  However, that giant circle looped back to Piazza San Marco where we came across a fabulous little coffee shop.

What made this coffee shop so fabulous? Well, they had great coffee for one.  Secondly, they were well-priced, like €3 for a cappuccino at the counter, which is the way to have you morning coffee in Venice you know.  While €3for cappuccino may seem high, it’s a great price for this city.  If you walk across the piazza, you’re going to pay at least €8.  I didn’t get the name of this little shop, but if you’re facing the Basillica, it’s in the far left corner of the piazza, across from the bell tower.  It’s nothing fancy and they don’t have anybody playing classical music, but they make some great pastries and coffee.