The Hostaria da Zorzi is a family run restaurant that is a favorite of the gondoliers.  The ground floor is a bar and back room, but you’ll be seated upstairs in the dining room.  The dining room is a bit cramped, particularly if other tables are seated next to you, but this is about as affordable and “local” as you’re going to find.  We actually wondered upon it as we tried to get as far away from the main touristy area as well.

Your best bet is to go with the daily menu.  For €20, you get a two course meal with bread, wine and water.  The options will vary depending on the day of the week.  Mondays you won’t find seafood because the fishermen are off on Mondays.  You will have a variety of pasta dishes for your first course and then meat, soup or a caprese salad for your second course.

We selected the Penne with Salmon and the Rigatoni with Vegetables for our first course.  For our second course, we selected the veal and potatoes and the Caprese.  I went with the white wine and we had a bottle of water as well.  The menu was €20 per person.

Overall the food was good, but not spectacular.  We felt like we found a pretty decent menu for a restaurant considering the many restaurants that we past while looking for a place to eat that wasn’t touristy.  It’s difficult to find a place that isn’t touristy in Venice, but I took it as a good sign that the gondoliers do eat lunch here and it’s usually a good idea to eat where the locals eat.