Restaurant Elche is located at Vila Vilá, 71 located near the Paral-lel Metro station and near Montjuic and the Las Ramblas. The two-story restaurant features a warm and modern décor. All types in the city visit the restaurant from businessmen and locals to tourists, as you’ll likely find Elche recommended in many guidebooks.

We ate at Elche on a Sunday evening just before we headed over to the Mercé fireworks show. For dinner, the kids enjoyed croquettes and fried squid. We also ordered two types of paellas, one that was all seafood and one with seafood and chicken. Our niece ordered monkfish with potatoes.

Paella is a dish that Spain is known for and having a Spanish man in our family, we’re a bit picky when it comes to paella. Elche’s paella was good, but the rice was cooked al dente, which made it a bit chewy. This is a bit of a personal taste thing, so if you don’t mind al dente rice, then you’ll probably find it to be quite good. The chicken, however was a bit on the dry side.

Overall, everything was pretty good. The tapas and the monkfish was good, but we had mixed feelings on the paella. If you’ve never had homemade paella, then you’ll likely find this paella to be excellent. If you have had paella, you’ll probably find that it’s good for restaurant paella.

The price was probably a bit high, but the restaurant is located in a touristy area of the city. If you’re trying paella for the first time, this is probably a good place to get one. Although, depending on the season you’re visiting Barcelona, there are better paella restaurants located on the beach.