We liked this place so much we ate there twice.  El Pescadito (which translates to “The Little Fish”) is a small seafood restaurant on Balmes.  There are actually three locations in Barcelona for you to choose from.  It is not a place that you would find a tourist and is very much a place where locals would go on their lunch break, which in Spain is about 2pm in the afternoon and they get at least two hours off.  The restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Like many restaurants in Barcelona, they have a daily menu with two courses of selections to choose from as well as desert and wine or beer, as well as bread.  They also have a terrace that you can eat out on for an additional fee.  We opted for the terrace, as the weather was very nice and enjoyable.   The menu options change on a daily basis and they also have a special daily menu to select from as well, which was more expensive.

For the first course, there were many options including a cream soup, seafood salad and eggs with little fried fish.

For the second course, we there were also several options including lubina (a white fish similar to tilapia) with vegetables, tuna with vegetables and veal.

For desert, you could choose from fruit, homemade cake and ice cream.

The atmosphere and service of this restaurant was excellent.  All of the selections that we made both times we ate there were excellent and perhaps some of the best seafood I’ve ever had.  Even the somewhat strange selections, like the eggs with little fried fish, were good.

The deserts were nothing particularly special.  Truthfully, they reminded us of the deserts that you get on Chinese buffets here in the states, but they were good.  Just something a little sweet to end your meal with and enjoy with your coffee.

We certainly enjoyed El Pescadito, after all we did eat there twice, and I’m sure it would be a place that we would visit again should we make our way back to Barcelona.  It was conveniently located near where we were staying, as well as the subway stop.