The Don Harrington Discovery Center is one of the best attractions in Amarillo for kids by far.  The 25,000 square feet of exhibit space offers a variety of activities and learning opportunities for children.  They also hold special events for adults and nights at the museum for children, so mom and dad can have a date night.

There are a number of permanent exhibits at the Discover Center, such as the Amazing Bodies, Bubbles and Planetary Landscapes.  They also feature traveling exhibits that change every few months.  The Space Theater is a digital planetarium that offers unique movies that teach children about the depths of deep space.  Another favorite area is for the little kids.  This area features a performance stage with costumes and face paint as well as a padded playground area complete with a variety of toys.

Outside of the Discovery Center, you’ll find the Helium Centennial Time Colum

ns Monument.  This monument was erected in 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of helium.  It was originally located at I-40 and Nelson, but was later airlifted to where it now sits at the Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center also offers birthday parties.  They have several themes to choose from and offer complete set up to minimal set-up.

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is located in Medi-Park across from Amarillo’s BSA Hospital.

The park features a large pond, which is stocked with fish weekly, ducks, geese, playground equipment and jogging trails.